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Omakase Jewellery Commission

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Turn your ideas into reality. We can design and craft your jewellery in gold or silver, with or without precious stones to your taste and requirements.

"Omakase" or "I'll leave it to you" is an option you can apply to leave it to us to design your jewellery in our unique process and style. We will have a conversation with you beforehand to visualize what we want to create for you before starting.

To get started, please reach out to us via the contact form for the initial consultation to better understand your requirements beforehand.

Our Aesthetic

Sculptural in design

Junie Lim's design style is sculptural and is a rarity in modern jewellery design.

Handcrafted into shape, every individual piece has its own unique signature and no one is the exact same.

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Splish splash splosh!

With the theme of water, Junie Lim captures the fleeting moments of joy when water splashes against each other in her work.

In keeping with the aesthetic, she often compliments her design with aquatic creatures.

Conceptual Work ->

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