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Silver Ear Rings with Metal Stamping Art Jam

What is Metal Stamping Art Jam?

Metal stamping art jam is our way to let you be free and creative to design jewellery like paint on canvas. You can use your paint and palette (our metal stamps) to design your own jewellery, and leave the rest to us to turn your artwork into designs that you can wear!

How it works

The metal stamping art jamming session lasts up to 45 mins depending on your creativity. Following that we will collect your artwork and begin the conversion to wearable jewellery and/or if you've opted for it- give the items the finishing and polish it deserves! Depending on our workload for the day, you may be able to collect within the same day or we can schedule another time for you to collect.

I want to select different options for my orders

If you have different options for each individual participant/item, just select the options closest to what you require and give us a heads-up. We will be able accommodate to your different options and you may also request for add-ons during the session.

Health and Safety 

The workshop environment can get dusty and noisy. Personal protective equipment (PPE) will be provided, and close supervision is ensured. Heavy tools will be used and you are required to wear safety / covered shoes for the workshop.

All participants health and safety is of the utmost importance to us. If you show symptoms of fever, shortness of breath or cough, please do not attend the lesson. Please contact us instead for rescheduling.

Term and Conditions

In the event of session cancellation due to beyond control such as illness, venue availability or bad weather, we reserve the right to offer a reschedule, or cancel the workshop activity at any time. If we cancel the session, a refund will be issue within 14-days of notice.

There is an inherent safety risk involved in any workshop session. By registering and participating in the workshop, you agree to follow all safety regulations by the instructor. You agree to indemnify Clink Clank Clunk and its employees, etc. of all claims for losses, cost and damages to your property and personal injury that may arise during the workshop.

Questions? | You can reach out to us directly via our instagram @clinkclankclunkco