18K rose gold with a half-round band with a green-grey sapphire and a pair of marquise diamonds

A beautiful ring made of 18K rose gold was created with utmost care and simplicity. Its band is rounded, and it shines with a gentle green-grey sapphire nestled between two exquisite marquise diamonds. This splendid piece of jewelry was specially crafted as a heartfelt gift for a special someone residing in Melbourne, Australia.

The ring's design is both elegant and understated, with its soft rose gold radiating warmth and charm. The half-round band adds a touch of grace to the overall appearance, while the mesmerizing green-grey sapphire brings a unique and subtle allure. The pair of marquise diamonds, carefully placed on either side of the sapphire, enhance the ring's beauty with their delicate and elongated shapes. 



 Material 18K Rose Gold
Design Elements Simple, elegant
Ring Size HK 9
Price Guide 1400 - 2200
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Price Guide Disclaimer

At Clink Clank Clunk, we are a direct artisan-to-customer jewellery studio with the aim of providing a consistently high value with a handcrafted touch.

While every commission is one-of-a-kind, you can get a general idea of our value proposition and pricing through our past work. Please note that published price guides are only a rough indication due to the differing requirements, design complexity, material use, market fluctuations as well as gemstones quantity and quality (if applicable).

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Fulfilment Time

Your one-of-a-kind jewellery is uniquely handcrafted and individually made. From initial start of work, we have a 3-6 week lead time to completion subject to your requirements. For harder-to-find gemstones or uncommon cuts, it may take longer to source the right gemstone. If you have any questions, you can reach out to us directly via instagram @clinkclankclunkco