Make An Appointment

Thank you for wanting to make an appointment visit us at some point in the near future! We have a few options for appointment making based on what you can do with us.

Easy Metal Stamping Workshop

The metal stamping workshop is like art jamming but with metal! It's easy for everyone and typically lasts between 30-45 mins. You can make pendants, rings, bangles and more!

Ring Band Workshop

The ring band workshop is a 3 hour workshop that lets you craft your own ring band in silver/gold from scratch! No experience is required and you will be guided throughout the session.

Custom Jewellery Consultation

We can establish your design ideas, budget and timelines. You can also provide visual examples of existing designs or particular design features that capture your imagination.

We will usually do a rough sketch during the consultation prior to a more formal design proposal.

Repair, Restore & Resize

Every piece of jewellery is different and unique. Unless it's kept in a dry box and never used, nothing lasts forever even in our greatest hopes that it will. At Clink Clank Clunk, we serve to repair, restore and resize your jewellery whenever required.

Looking for something else? Ask us!