925 sterling silver bangle with tsavorite

A solid piece of 925 sterling silver bangle that's quite simple in design. It has a tsavorite gemstone and two hand-punched lines as accents. It's not too fancy, but it still has a touch of elegance with the silver and the green tsavorite stones. The design is minimalistic and straightforward, making it suitable for those who prefer understated jewelry. The two hand-punched lines add a subtle detail to the bangle. Overall, it's a lovely piece for someone who appreciates modest beauty and fine craftsmanship.




 Material 925 Sterling Silver
Design Elements Minimalist, bold
Price Range 600 - 1000
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Price Guide Disclaimer

At Clink Clank Clunk, we are a direct artisan-to-customer jewellery studio with the aim of providing a consistently high value with a handcrafted touch.

While every commission is one-of-a-kind, you can get a general idea of our value proposition and pricing through our past work. Please note that published price guides are only a rough indication due to the differing requirements, design complexity, material use, market fluctuations as well as gemstones quantity and quality (if applicable).

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Fulfilment Time

Your one-of-a-kind jewellery is uniquely handcrafted and individually made. From initial start of work, we have a 3-6 week lead time to completion subject to your requirements. For harder-to-find gemstones or uncommon cuts, it may take longer to source the right gemstone. If you have any questions, you can reach out to us directly via instagram @clinkclankclunkco